Why Embracing Positivity Unlocks Your Personal Brilliance

Have you ever bumped into someone you once clashed with, only to feel…neutral? Perhaps even friendly? This “fading negativity bias,” as science calls it, isn’t mere forgetfulness. It’s your brain’s clever way of prioritizing happiness and growth. But why is positivity so crucial for personal evolution? Imagine negativity as a heavy backpack. Every past hurt, […]

The Accidental Matchmaker: Weaving Serendipity, One Thread at a Time

“Russ, how do you do it?” the questions come, tinged with wonder. “How do you weave these intricate webs of friendship, where strangers become comrades and acquaintances blossom into friends?” The truth is, there’s no grand recipe, no secret sauce to my serendipitous matchmaking. Maybe it’s just the way I see the world, this uncanny […]

The Hypercontentosis Epidemic: Are We Drowning in Content? 

(This is an updated version of my original LinkedIn Article) We live in the age of content abundance. A digital tsunami crashes against our screens, bombarding us with movies, shows, videos, articles, and endless streams of social media updates. This constant influx, while seemingly exhilarating, has unleashed a hidden illness: Hypercontentosis. This self-diagnosed ailment isn’t […]

My September 11 Story

A clear and crisp Tuesday morning, I remember starting my day at 3 Metro Tech Center in Brooklyn, where I was working for Chase at the time, on the E-Tech Firewall/Security team to be exact.  This was also the year I decided to go back to John Jay College and switch my major from Criminal […]

Before Hollywood, there was Midwood, in Brooklyn.

Do you remember the Vitagraph Studios in Brooklyn? Of Course not, you would be over 100 years old if you did, but I do, and very much so. How do you ask? Do I have a time machine? Well not really, but I did grow up in a house that backs that studio, and my […]