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Russell Khaimov


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Through my commitment to excellence, I have become a trusted advisor as well as a leader that can inspire those I work with so as a team we can deliver results that are beyond expectations despite the complexity of the industry. I specialize in both strategic and technical leadership on mergers, acquisitions and product development for the telco, media and entertainment and gaming industry, using a motivational style to make projects more streamlined and cohesive. My resourceful problem solving skills help me in challenging projects and that results in taking ideas from conceptualization to effective implementation. The result is delivering a product and service with better functionality and more appeal to the market.

With 27+ years of proven technology experience and 111 recommendations from industry peers who have seen my contributions and leadership style first hand, I have demonstrated my skill set and it has shown that it is one that is complementary to the technology industry, as well as aggressive business goals for those I work with. My drive and insight are beneficial; however, I am always willing to roll up my sleeves and get involved in all facets of a project. It’s this ethic and knowledge that have led to proven positive results in the fast-paced and ever changing technology culture. 

fantastic people skills managing his team

Russell is an experienced, dedicated professional with high quality delivery communication and execution. He has demonstrated fantastic people skills managing his team working with cross functional team and solving problems with strategic vision and efficient cost and efforts. He is very creative, innovative and has been a great pleasure knowing him and working with him.

Reza Shafiee
Reza Shafiee
Technology Fellow

endless bucket of knowledge

I have had the pleasure of working with Russ for a little over a year now. He has been a tremendous resource for all things CDN and has helped me numerous times on customer engagements. He has a vast knowledge on the technology and workflows that make up CDN and the internet as a whole. Not only is Russ knowledgeable on technology, but he also provides the communication skills to describe complicated technology in a way which is easy to understand. Russ is an endless bucket of knowledge and an excellent guy as well. I am glad to have had the experience of working alongside him.

Jake Ricca
CDN Evangelist

attacks problems from a different perspective

Russell is an honest dedicated employee. He is detail oriented and brings a tremendous amount IT knowledge to the broadcast industry. His knowledge and willingness to learn make him a tremendous asset. He also is an out of the box thinker and attacks problems from a different perspective.

Joseph Nuzzo
General Manager / Technical Maintenance

conscientious leader

I have worked with Russell before on large-scale, video encoding projects, as well as M&A activities within Verizon. Russell is a detail-oriented, conscientious leader, with a solid ability to align the IT priorities with the business needs

Igor Kantor
Senior Manager

proven technology professional

Russell is a proven technology professional who worked in a small group that handled firewalls at JPMorganChase. He is very knowledgeable in his line of profession and has a passion to learn more. I have found him to be very good at handling stress and pressure and getting the work done. I wish him good luck in his bright future.

Jayesh Patel
SAN Engineer

an expert in CDN and digital media

I had the pleasure of working with Russ for 6+ years at CenturyLink/Level 3 on a large global media account. Russ is very knowledgeable and a true pleasure to work with. He is an expert in CDN and digital media, and has deep domain expertise of the media space. He works well within a team and is very good with clients. Russ is always willing to do whatever it takes to move the needle, and would be great contributor to any organization

Byars Cole
Global Client Executive

one of the pillars of the organization

Russ is a technologist who has the ability to see the big picture and all the details of every project he is involved with. While at VDMS he was one of the pillars of the organization effectively combining Broadcast and IT knowledge to the benefit of the customers and the organization. During the three years we worked together he was my go-to person for anything CDN and OTT related. I highly recommend Russ to any organization looking for a highly skilled technologist and strategic thinker to manage their multifaceted projects.

Maciej "Mac" Ochman
Operations Manager - Media Systems

right there with us in the trenches

When Revolt was launching the digital brand on and the Revolt app, we were dealing with many of the issues of a startup; tight timelines, budget considerations, a thousand moving parts, evolving business strategy. Russ and the VDMS team were right there with us in the trenches throughout by writing code on the fly for us, and delivering great streaming services, CDN resources and OTT solutions. I finally went home the day of the Revolt network launch and watched on my iPad and thought that the content looked better there via VDMS than on my TV via cable. I put these guys through the ringer, and they never faltered. I recommend Russ and his team, and the VDMS technology solutions they deliver.

Josh Hatter

very hard working individual

Russell is very hard working individual, always looking for new challenges, able to maintain a positive attitude no matter what the situation is, which makes everyone else very comfortable and at ease.

Percy La Rosa
Technical Support Manager
Digital Express

adept at complicated project management

I had the distinct pleasure of working with Russell Khaimov for two years at Verizon’s Digital Media Services group. Russ and his team assisted sales and our customers with technical insights and integration and Russ proved especially adept at complicated project management including an international integration I was working on. I would heartily recommend Russ as a strategic thinker with exception – highly current – technical skills and the ability to manage and execute very complicated projects.

Jim Ballard
Account Executive

enthusiasm for his work is extremely infectious

Russell Khaimov is a true dedicated professional i have had the pleasure to work with, his enthusiasm for his work is extremely infectious. He has demonstrated a high degree of expertise in many IT and Digital Media related fields. He is very creative, innovative and has great vision!

Purva Parikh
Project Manager

ability to explain the most complicated of solutions and products in the simplest of ways

I am lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Russ even if only for a short time. What was apparent immediately was not only his extensive level of knowledge, but also his willingness to share it. It is often said that if you cant explain something simply, then you don’t understand it well enough. Russ has the ability to explain the most complicated of solutions and products in the simplest of ways and always does so with a smile.

Carolyn (Diaz) Campione
Global Client Service Manager

pleasant demeanor with his extensive knowledge

Russell is conscientious and experienced in his field. His pleasant demeanor combined with his extensive knowledge make working with him a satisfying experience. I can highly recommend Russell and am confident he will be an asset to any organization.

Cynthia Czelder
Network Technical Manager

strong technical person

Russell and I worked together on several web initiatives and projects. He is strong technical person, good communicator and he has great verbal and written skills.

Roman Rubin
Vice President

fountain of information

I worked under Russell’s Business Technology team at Verizon. Russell’s a fountain of information about the latest product releases, competitive stats, and creative ways to solve customer problems. Working for Russ was a breath of fresh air as he tirelessly worked to put his team members in the best positions to succeed. I have personally enjoyed working for Russ and will continue to try to stay connected with him throughout my career.

Edison Tien
Distinguished Member of Technical Staff

always willing to help

Russell is an experienced, dedicated professional and always a pleasure to deal with when I called on him at CBS. He has fantastic people skills and was always willing to help me understand their needs not being very technical. He is very creative, innovative and it’s a great pleasure to know him and his sense of humor is above par! Thank You Russell for all your support and candor!!

Rose (Cipriano) Lockwood
Global Account Director

resourceful and knowledgeable

Russell is a resourceful and knowledgeable problem solver with a keen awareness of media and IT issues and solutions. I enjoy working with Russell as part of a team in addition to experiencing his leadership style.

Laura Gross
Senior Engagement Manager

a great leader and an adept, proactive advocate

Russ is a great leader and an adept, proactive advocate of technology.. Very technically deep and has a way of relating that tech know-how to solutions for customers and across the business more broadly to solve key issues we are facing. Always willing to help out and does a great job building cross-functional relationships that go a long way to getting things done internally in a highly scalable way.. I highly recommend Russ

Jeff Geiser
VP, Global Solutions Engineering

exactly the sort of team Russell put together

Content delivery solutions are made by a complex eco-system of large-scale systems and a great professional services team is the one that has a good understanding of the subsystems and how they can scale. That is exactly the sort of team Russell put together at Verizon. My interactions with his team were around telemetry and performance measurement of CDN and I was impressed by how well they knew the space and knew how to efficiently measure and report metrics to their customers.

Hossein Lotfi
Director, Performance Engineering

enabled us to deliver results faster with less effort

We worked together with Russ on 5G Edge projects, integrating GCP with Verizon’s cellular network infrastructure. Russ is a team player with quick understanding and in-depth technical knowledge which enabled us to deliver results faster with less effort. Looking forward to work together again!

Gabor Illes
Technology Strategy Manager

not only brilliant but is extremely capable

Russell possesses a wealth of knowledge in the Broadcast TV, IP, IT and OTT digital media markets. He is not only brilliant but is extremely capable and willing to educate and inform his clients and colleagues alike. Russell would be an invaluable addition to any team that needs his broad-based technical expertise.

Jim Grady
Solutions Architect

recruited, built up and led a high performing team

Jay Cee Straley
Distinguished Engineer

strong grasp of the digital media

Russ has a very strong grasp of the digital media space. He was someone that I constantly relied on for industry/technical knowledge, feedback, and advice. His attitude and energy in the workplace is refreshing, he would be a valuable asset to any team.

Bill Masur
Product Manager

strong analytical problem-solving skills

I have worked with Russell on several IT projects. Russell has strong analytical problem-solving skills and is a very good communicator. He has shown excellent project management skills, and detailed knowledge in many IT areas including networking and security.

Javier Fernandez
Senior Network Engineer

expertly skilled in team management

Worked with Russell for several years, he’s an excellent worker and high moral standard. He’s expertly skilled in team management, enterprise IT, Video systems, and the like. For further recommendation i’m available by phone, just message me on LinkedIN

Shawn Satterly
Principal Engineer - Video Product

pleasant and generous

To Whom It May Concern:

It is with great privilege that I write to you in recommendation of Russell Khaimov. Until recently, I have been a co-worker with him at another company. I have found him to be a pleasant, generous person who is never afraid to take on a challenging task. He has been one of our most dedicated employees. He brings with him a great deal of knowledge as a Firewall / Internet Security Specialist.

Russell is an independent, self directed person who is able to communicate effectively and meet even the most demanding challenges. While his on the job performance has been nothing less than stellar, Russell has also become a close friend to many of us.

Though we are all deeply disappointed to lose Russell, I highly recommend him for employment with your organization. He is a team player, a great person and an absolute pleasure to work with.

Best Regards,

Vincent Petruzzelli

Vincent Petruzzelli

his insistence on teaching others and passing on his knowledge

Russell is a unique individual who is not only knowledgeable in many technologies, but also has an expertise in many of these as well. One of his key attributes is his insistence on teaching others and passing on his knowledge and experience. Russell designed and completed many high-profile projects while at CBS and we really missed him when he left.

Jay Bergman
VP Engineering at CBS

dedicated and knowledgeable

Russell is a dedicated and knowledgeable individual. Any company would be fortunate to have him as an employee.

Al Sepanloo
Senior Member of Technical Staff

brilliant team he had put together

Russ is one of the greatest problem solvers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. His tenacity and ability to challenge the status quo for approaching a technological problem is one of his greatest strengths. Simply put, he has helped me out a bunch of times when my projects were in a bind and I honestly can attribute the successful launches of a couple of my products to him and the brilliant team he had put together at Verizon Digital Media Services.

Hani Batla
Product Manager

the best that I experienced

Russell is a true professional who holistically knows the business. His experience with the customer solutions and the networks supporting is the best that I experienced in the last 20+ years in telecommunications and the digital network. I learned a lot from working with Russell and his ability to share his experiences with a kind attitude. I recommend Russell for any opportunity or challenge that may come his way. He is a true professional in every way!

Michael McNeice
Sr Manager Digital Content

innovation in a fast moving M&E sector

I had the pleasure of working with Russel right after our shop was acquired by Verizon. Russel was key in determining immediate points of integration having been part of the due diligence team. He is a strategic/technical leader that envisions outcome and possibilities of innovation in a fast moving M&E sector. Russel has the ability to clearly communicate visions to his peers. He is a team player executives like to lean on for straight forward feedback and decision making

Ralf Jacob
Ralf Jacob

his sense of humor

It has been my pleasure to work with Russ over the last 15 months. He worked well with our team and is quick to learn new technologies. As a bonus, his sense of humor served to lighten the unpleasant times that inevitably arise with any job.

Neal Puff
Technology Leader

deep understanding of leading edge technology

Russell is one of those few excellent engineers that can break down complex technical systems and make them understandable to the layman. This makes him a pleasure to work with as he supports the sales effort with a deep understanding of leading edge technology and strong communication skills that helps bring our solutions to the market. Russ is a team player, a respected colleague and an asset to our organization.

Beth Simon
Account Director

always strives to be the best

Russell was a conscientious worker always there to do his job as well as help others with theirs. He was always one of the first ones to be at work and one of the last ones to leave. The challenge of the job motivated him to always strive to be the best and to improve his skills through training and hard work.

Doug Fagen
Technical Associate

an incredible manager and mentor

I had the pleasure of working with Russ, a manager who was not only reliable and supportive, but also inspired the team to always try our hardest. In the short time that I worked with him, he was incredibly resourceful and helped me tremendously in my professional development as a software engineer. He assisted me in setting realistic goals for our weekly sprints, pushed the team towards test-driven development, and also provided the resources to learn different technologies, such as Ionic Framework, Firebase and Jenkins. All in all, Russ was an incredible manager and mentor who would make a great addition to any organization

Navin Abichandani
Full Stack Developer

incredibly agile and creative

At Verizon Russell definitely puts the “solutions” in “Solutions Architect.” He has an insatiable appetite to learn the ins and outs of new and developing products and has an incredibly agile and creative problem-solving mind. Plus he’s a personable and generous colleague and a pleasure to work with. My only caveat – please don’t hire him if it means you’ll be taking him away from our group!!

Nick Moore
Director of Technical Account Management

enabled us to break-down barriers

Russ has the unique ability to make technical deep-dives relate to all folks. We collaborated on a solution to deliver a unique approach to one of our most technical customers. Russ’ acumen enabled us to break-down barriers that the customer had previously placed upon our company. Russ’ perspective helped us open up new business avenues that would not have previously happened without his input.

Sean Muller
Senior Sales Account Executive

 addressed quickly and professionally

When Russell was on the schedule, I was always comfortable knowing that if there were any technical problems, they would be addressed quickly and professionally.

Trudy Gonzalez
Senior Manager Content Operations

Always available, ready to help

I worked directly with Russ over the course of his tenure at Level 3/CenturyLink We actually worked together on a daily basis (SAT/Sales Specialist). Russ is “the consummate technology professional.” Always available, ready to help and willing to assist in pretty much any project, issue or opportunity. His knowledge is deep and what what he doesn’t know he investigates and learns. I thoroughly enjoyed working with him and feel I ended up “better” as a result of our partnership. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with him again!

Chris Pavlovich
Chris Pavlovich
Director - CDN & Edge Applications

large amount of new customers in a short time

Russell’s energetic, results focused and technologically savvy approach helped a lot to steer Verizon Digital Media activities to the rapid and effective deployment and ability to onboard a large amount of new customers in a short time. Russell proved to be a very knowledgeable person in many areas – Internet routing and HTTP streaming, broadcast streams acquisition and media storage. Combining both his personal expertise and good personal and management skills Russell had created and led an A-team of professionals that was able to quickly create and deploy trials, discover and implement new solutions as well as to support customers during migration projects. It was my pleasure and honor to be part of the professional services team under the leadership of Russell Khaimov.

Alex Tiraspolsky
Senior Solutions Architect

always very prepared

I worked with Russell on quite a few pre and post-sales projects during my time as Technical Service Manager at CenturyLink. Russell is always very prepared for customer meetings, brought new ideas to address difficult problems, and always has a positive attitude. Russell is never afraid of jumping in and lending a hand with any issue, big or small, at any time, day or night. Russell’s attention to detail helped in the successful on-boarding of many CDN customers, and his ability to manage customer expectations made him a highly respected resource to lean on when problems were encountered. It has been a pleasure to have had the opportunity to work with Russell. He would make a great addition to any technical team.

Rustin Lucken
Senior Operations Service Manager

outstanding solutions architect

Russell is an outstanding solutions architect who combines detailed technical knowledge of broadcast media with modern IT practices. He is a consummate team player and works well with others. Russell routinely contributes new ideas to difficult problems and learns complex technical subjects quickly.

David Christophersen
Manager / Solutions Architecture

truly amazing in his knowledge

Russell was truly amazing in his knowledge to help our company with new innovative ideas and showed tremendous care and compassion about his help. Working later due to the time zones, making sure we completely understood the process, the workflow and other technical outlines that were increasing everything on our backend eco-system. He even took the time at tradeshows to come and say hello showing us that he will be in our cell phone speed dial for assistance anywhere he is at. A tremendous guy and absolute joy to work with. All Ace’s from our standard.

Dr. Jerry Frawley

impressed with his ability

Working with Russell on several critical projects I have been impressed with his ability to maintain his focus on the overall scope of the project while never missing the attention to detail required to ensure a successful implementation.

Paul Mahoney
Account Director

built most capable and talented teams

I have worked with Russell for about two years now, through the evolution of Verizon Digital Media Services. When I worked with Russell while he was an individual contributor, I found him to be extremely knowledgeable about video, media delivery, content management, and tools. He was also very easy to work with. After Russell became a Director, I was impressed with him in an entirely different way. He had built from scratch one of the most capable and talented teams I have seen in a long time with a wide range of IT and video skills. I would highly recommend Russell in both individual contributor and leadership roles.

Eric Klings
Product Manager

practically the “new” Iron Man

Russell is practically the “new” Iron Man …he is A Technologist, Innovator, and consummate professional. He may not be able to save the world but his strong business and technical acumen will drive business value and solve complex challenges for any organization.

Tau Mupambirei
Technical Project Manager

unique ability to stay focused

I had the pleasure of working with Russell while he was at ABC NY. He was always the consummate professional while working on any of his projects. He has a unique ability to stay focused on the smallest of details while maintaining outstanding organizational skills. I always knew that any endeavor Russell was part of would be done correctly, quickly and with outstanding aplomb. Russell was a credit to his group and we missed him terribly after he left.

Joe Kenny
Director of Distribution Systems

taking initiative and exploring creative solutions

Russell is a great asset to our team, constantly taking initiative and exploring creative solutions to ultimately improve our customer’s experience and accelerate revenues. I appreciate his dynamic ability to adapt to several complex situations, from dealing with internal product development teams solving highly technical problems, to communicating effectively to high-profile customer executives representing our firm. I highly recommend Russell

Kyle Okamoto
Chief Network Officer

very intelligent and responsible

Russ is a very intelligent and responsible individual. While we were working together, he exhibited good technical skills and were very flexible. He built good relationships with co-workers and was easy to get along with.

Kevin Yu
VPN & Firewall Operations

built a team that in my history is still the strongest

Russell is not only an attentive manager but he is also a technologist. It’s very rare to find a manager who can effectively balance the administrative duties that come with being a leader while still holding onto a passion for technology. Russ built a team that in my history is still the strongest team I have ever been on. He set the teams goals and worked tirelessly to ensure we had the proper support to meet them. I would recommend Russ to any company looking for a technologist with excellent leadership qualities.

Matt Spidella
Distinguished Member of Technical Staff

continuously displayed a high work ethic

I have worked with Russell on several occasions during his time here at ABC. He has continuously displayed a high work ethic and performance with various video / audio systems during several projects assignments at ABC Headquarters. He is knowledgeable, innovative, concise and consistently delivers 100% on all tasks given to him as requested by the clients, (ABC News, Master Control, or any area/facility assigned). As a proven asset, we have valued his input as a member of our team

Ronald Reynolds
Systems Design Engieer

person to go to, to get the job done

Russell was THE person to go to to get the job done. Many a time a crisis was avoided or lessened because of Russell.

Jay Akselrud
Senior Consultant

always seemed to have several paths to success

Russ is a rare combination of deep technical acumen, proactivity, and a keen understanding of the human and political landscape of any solution he’s involved with. Where other Solution Architects may bring you a solution or a path to a solution, Russ always seemed to have several paths to success in his back pocket. He used his skills of perception to suggest the one or two solutions that met a customer’s financial, technical, and emotional/political needs best. These skills often reside across several members of a team, and Russ’ ability to bring all of them to bear on solutions gave Level 3 (and later CenturyLink) a tremendous advantage in meeting our customer’s multi-faceted needs. I look forward to the day our paths cross again and would happily bring Russ into any team I am involved with or work with him on a team he is leading.

Stephen Dennison
CDN Overlay Director

known for solving complex problems

Russell is a recognized technical expert. He is known for solving complex problems that bridges multiple areas to achieve business goals.

Yakov Rabinovicz
Direct of Broadcast Technology

wealth of knowledge and integrity

I have worked with Russell for several years now as a vendor. Russell has displayed to me a wealth of knowledge and integrity in his work. We collaborated on a major project at CBS and he demonstrated attention to detail from the very conception of the project. Russell is easy to work with and as a vendor has made me feel as part of his team. That approach has provided him with the absolute best service my principal (ADC) can provide on the project. I enjoy working with Russell and I highly recommend Russell in his field of work.

Mike Pollaccio President AVT, Inc.

NE Representative for ADC,

Broadcast Products and APW / Stantron Racks and Enclosures

Mike Pollaccio

pleasant and level headed

I have worked with Russell on several projects and found him to always be diligent, informed and detailed oriented. He was consistently pleasant and level headed no matter the stress level.

Barbara Santangelo
Director of Media Distribution Center

easy to get along with

Russell has been a coworker of mine at CBS for the past several years. Russell has provided me assistance with many different computer oriented challenges. He has vast knowledge of computer/server hardware, data switches, operating systems, as well as website hosting. In addition to the strong knowledge he has in his field of work, Russell has always been easy to get along with, which has made him a pleasure to work with.

Michael Ihlen
Managing Engineer

a positive effect on our business beyond building revenue

I had the pleasure of working with Russ at VDMS and always admired his growth-mindset. This leadership style had a positive effect on our business beyond building revenue; specifically Russ could be counted on to promote innovative ways of solving challenges, build team confidence and collaboration all while increasing client engagement and most importantly, in building trust and commitment to achieving our goals!

Suzanne (Haskell) Barker
Divisional Vice President

the only person during my tenure to be recognized as our “Outstanding Employee”

As the President & CEO of a NYC financial brokerage firm I had the opportunity to see Russ perform very early in his career. It was clear from the outset that he was dedicated and committed to performing at a high level on whatever he was tasked with. Russ was a hard and efficient worker from Day 1, and was the only person during my tenure to be recognized as our “Outstanding Employee” in his very first year with the firm. Clearly he was on his way to bigger and better things, as his terrific resume consistently confirms. Great job Russ!!

Richmond T Fisher
President and CEO

speed up development time

Working with Russ was a true pleasure. Russ was instrumental in enabling the core Scheduler component, by researching, testing and proving an Open Source solution was going to speed up development time by an order of magnitude. I’d definitely like to work with him again and I look forward to doing it in the near future.

Franciso Amadeo

an expert in broadcast/OTT media workflows

Russ is a great professional who is an expert in broadcast/OTT media workflows as well as cloud and CDN technologies. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience that he is adept at using effectively to solve complex problems. Above all, he is a genuine individual who you can always count on. He is an asset to any organization he is part of.

Arijit Ghosh
Principal Solutions & Strategy

efficient and very knowledgeable

Russell was always a pleasure to work with. He was organized, efficient and very knowledgeable. Anyone who works with Russell in the future should experience the same. 

Barry Gingold
Post Production Producer

willingness to consider the needs of others

It has been a pleasure working with Russell. There are two things that really strike me. First, he is absolutely passionate about the industry. He brings strong follow-up and sense of can do to nearly any problem. Along with that, he has tremendous depth. The second thing that is obvious about Russell is his willingness to consider the needs of others and work really hard to solve their problems. The combination of these two elements makes him a strong force in our industry.

Todd Erdley
Founder, President and Chairperson

utmost professional

Russell is the utmost professional. Working with him during Verizon’s Digital Media days, he was a knowledgeable resource who was always willing to help and if he didn’t know the answer, he could find the person who could assist. Russell would make a great addition to any team – it was a pleasure to work with him.

Claudia Patterson
Senior Technology Program Manager

intelligent and responsible

I have worked with Russell for more than 2 years at JPMChase as a Firewall / Internet Security Specialist, He is very hard working individual, always looking for new challenges, maintaining a very positive attitude, which makes everyone else very comfortable working with him. Russ is a very intelligent and responsible individual,fast and collaborative thinker, real team player who brings with him a great deal of knowledge.

Mansoor Shaif
Unix System Administrator

able to overcome some amazing technical challenges

Russ and I have worked as a two man team supporting the General Sales organization at Level3/Centurylink for all things CDN. Together we have worked on some very complex and high profile projects that challenged both of our skill sets to the max. Russ has been able to overcome some amazing technical challenges that would be overwhelming to most but he made it seem effortless. I would highly recommend Russ to be a technical asset to any organization.

Jason Alves
Director - CDN & Edge Applications

extraordinarily talented resource

Russell is an extraordinarily talented resource in all areas of online digital media ecosystem and new ventures. Russell has an extensive knowledge base that is both from a business and technology perspective. I have had the honor to work with Russell on a number of initiatives. Russell is not only impressive in his depth of knowledge but also his adeptness at absorbing conceptual and detailed information. Russell is one of those key individuals you want on your team to ensure success. Russell is a talented, friendly, and articulate person who I highly recommend without hesitation.

Mark Brown
Director of Professional Services

it gets done and done right

I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to have Russ as part of my Professional Services team. He is an innovative thinker and problem solver who is welcomes the challenge to roll up his sleeves and get a job done. He also has the ability to instill confidence in with his clients, team members and his superiors. If Russ is on a project, it gets done and done right. Any organization is better off with Russ’ involvement.

Jeff Hargleroad
EVP Professional Services

straight-talking, constructive criticism, innovation and deep knowledge

The way you help people, straight-talking, constructive criticism, innovation and deep knowledge is the key to your success. So I’m grateful for your guidance whenever I needed in any CDN ecosystem matter.

Istvan Herrera
Solutions Architect

innovative, fast and collaborative thinker

Russell possesses very deep knowledge in many IT and broadcast related fields. He is very innovative, fast and collaborative thinker, real team player. He has enterprise type of vision, which allows him to manage computer systems in very complex environment. He can do virtually everything in computers field – programming, databases, OS, HW, so on

Arkady Shenker
Broadcast Systems Manager

exceptional leadership skills

Russ partnered with NBC Sports in the launch of Formula One’s F1 TV ott service in 2018. A consummate professional and always adding value to any engagement we had with him and CenturyLink CDN, Russ is the type of person you always want on the call. He brings with him not only deep knowledge in cloud and video delivery, but also has exceptional leadership skills and tailors his approach to the person he is helping. I look forward to working with Russ in any capacity and recommend him highly to any one in need of a trusted advisor and manager.

Andre Vawdrey
Director, D2C Technology

helps you believe anything is possible

Carlos Rojas
Director Live Event Operations

cutting edge technical solutions

I have known and worked with Russell for close to 3 years now. Russell is just the person an organization needs to drive towards state-of-the-art, cutting edge technical solutions. His background in IT and Digital Media technology as well as experiences gained as a serial entrepreneur, enable him to see the holistic picture instead of just technology or business by itself. He steps up when the problems are the toughest. It is a pleasure to work with him and to learn from him and the excellent team of specialists he has assembled as director.

Ashraf Yussouff
Senior Manager

excellent at building relationships

It was a great pleasure to work with Russ albeit only for a bit longer than 1 yr. Enormously talented & people person. Russ is The go to guy for all things Cloud, CDNs & broadcast video. He’s excellent at building relationships and goes out of his way to help others. I wish him all the luck & hope we get a chance to work together once again. Meanwhile any employer should feel lucky to have him on board.

Kapil Sharma
Business Innovation Consultant

incredible human being

Russ is an incredible human being. He works hard to take care of his customers needs and uses his extensive technical background to read through the lines and figure out what customer expects, even when it doesn’t relate to what they asked for. He is very caring of those around him and goes out of his way to help coworkers. Truly and incredible person.


Brian Walker
Solutions Architect

unconditional potential for success

I have had the opportunity to work with and alongside Russ at CenturyLink Communications and I can honestly state without equivocation that he possesses the skill sets and attributes of character that suggest an unconditional potential for success in any organisation that is lucky to have him.

Kimmon Stair
Sales Engineer

thinks like an entrepreneur

Russell is a creative problem solver with the ability to focus on an issue, research, analyze and recommend solutions that will really work. Russell understands the needs of business, thinks like an entrepreneur and is capable of applying his in-depth knowledge of traditional television entertainment industry technology as well as his knowledge of emerging high-value content distribution technologies for the Internet. Last but not least, Russell is a great guy to work with… a shining example of a person who knows his space but is always willing to try learn new concepts, apply new ideas and expand horizons. I highly recommend Russell for any challenging activity where project success is paramount.

Kelly Kotera
Senior Solutions Architect

expertise and ability to gain credibility

Russell is an expert at delivering complex solutions. Through Russell’s expertise and ability to gain credibility with customer executives we were able to deliver global content delivery network solutions forging deep customer partnerships.

Ed Martino
Sales Account Director

very professional and easy to communicate

I recently had the pleasure of working with Russell in his acquisition of from my company. Russell was very professional and easy to communicate with. I look forward to working with Russell and Sevari LLC again in the future.

Matthew Miller
Owner of PartyPages

found solutions to some of the complex issues

I recommend Russell Khaimov for his sincerity and dedication. He is a very good team player and it’s been a pleasure to work with him. I appreciate his research and problem solving skills, where he found solutions to some of the complex issues faced by his team. He is ready to take on any new challenges and work through it.

Shanvas Razak
Application Security Expert

thoughtful technical leader

Russ is a thoughtful technical leader with a terrific grasp of the complex Media & Entertainment industry. I was very impressed with how quickly he came to learn technical details about our product, and how he could apply that knowledge to help shape the product direction. I highly recommend him and would love to have a chance to work with him

Kanwaldeep Kalsi
Account Director

remarkably agile and strategic thinker

I had the distinct pleasure of working with Russ in my role as Senior Industry Partner at Verizon Digital Media Services. From early stages of the VDMS tech platform all the way through its mature product Russ easily navigated my strategic media accounts’ architectural and design needs. He is a remarkably agile and strategic thinker and I was highly appreciative to be able to team with him on our critical and complex customers and target customers.

Laszlo Gaspar
Senior Global Industry Partner

strong technical knowledge and uplifting attitude

During my time at Level3, Russ has quickly become a technical leader in the organization, showcasing a very strong technical knowledge and uplifting attitude. Always coming to the meeting with a smile on his face, customers can tell he is passionate about his products and he makes sure to explain how it will improve their organization. With a strong attention to details, he is able to orchestrate and work with multiple internal stakeholders to deliver an outstanding customer experience. I would certainly wish to have him back on my team !

Gautier Demond
Vice President Sales

an aura of positive energy

Russ carries an aura of positive energy, excitement, technical knowledge, thirst to make the company/himself better, and always makes time to help his team up and down the chain of command. He is one of the best leaders, technologist, and all around team players that I have had the pleasure of working with. Throughout my time working with Russ, he never lost aura. On the contrary, it grew, due to his hard work, self-reflection, attention to detail, and determination. He continues to inspire me to be a better father, husband, and professional.

Jon Roth
Technical Project Manager

consistently proactive, positive and energetic

Russell was instrumental in bringing our trading technology to the leading edge. He was consistently proactive, positive and energetic – and never failed to amaze us with his level of knowledge.

Brian McGovern
Sales and Marketing Director

highly intelligent, articulate, have a good sense of humor

Paul Heitlinger
Principal - Verizon Ventures

uplifting, inspiring, and motivating

Danny Sikorski
Sr Account Director

the best in the industry

I’ve been working with Russell for several years now and it has been quite the pleasure. I consider Russ one of the best in the industry. Russ is a true professional with incredible experience and depth of knowledge. I have learned a lot from Russ and am always completely confident when going in front of customers with him. In addition to being an amazing, technical and business resource and CDN expert, Russ is just a great guy. He’s a family man and puts everything he can into his family and his business. I feel very fortunate to have Russ as a coworker and friend in the business. It’s an honor and pleasure to work with him.

Elio Parente
Senior Director, VyVx Solutions Architecture at CenturyLink

his positive energy and leadership style

I had the pleasure to work with Russel at Verizon and I was really impressed with his positive energy, leadership style and technical abilities. He can motivate and lead a group of highly technical individuals and/or at the same time roll up his sleeves to jump on any complex issue. Also his ability to understand and master new and complex concepts and translate these to Engineers or Executives gives him an exceptional skill that is hard to find. I would recommend Russ to anyone looking for a highly technical leader.

Giovanni Navas
Distinguished Engineer

His clarity in thinking saved the day

With the launch of Disney+, Russ was a Solutions Architect at Lumen (then CenturyLink). The stakes were high, the issues were many, the margin for error was zero, we had to succeed. Russ was the calm within the chaos, the guy who could breakdown the problems, and help guide the team forward. His clarity in thinking saved the day many a time. On the sales side, Russ would often participate in strategy sessions. I will always remember him bringing a calm demeanor, clarity, and most of all, the ability to bring a wide range of unique perspectives to help the sales team approach the customer in a meaningful way. When Russ spoke, people listened…a true contributor!

Martin Pascale
Martin Pascale
Senior Global Account Manager

a trusted partner

Russ is a trusted partner who can develop technical strategies and business development plans to help the organization succeed (regardless of the technology or org structure).

One of his superpowers is digital media. We had a great collaboration back in our Verizon days together (across business units). I’m always looking for technical collaborators who want to share and develop/innovate the next great idea like Russ. Thank you for your friendship and partnership over the years!

Brett Rogers
Director of Product Management

very knowledgeable professional

I had the pleasure of working with Russell at Verizon. Russell is a very knowledgeable professional with extensive experience across a wide range of technology and delivery systems.

Sean Sullivan
Senior Director

extremely well informed

It was my pleasure to work with Russell during his time at Verizon. Russell was an architectural resource providing thought leadership, sales support, and engaged in heavy customer interaction. Russell’s knowledge of the Media and Entertainment vertical and the associated technologies is as strong as anyone I have ever worked with. He has a great ability to extend his knowledge to extrapolate to complex technical solutions. Russell is a reliable coworker, a pleasure to work alongside, and extremely well informed in his space.

Gerard Onorato
Security Services Director

inspired me to learn more

Russell is very knowledgeable about many aspects of Information Technology. If he is confronted with a topic that he does not know, he will make it his business to become knowledgeable in the topic. Working with Russell inspired me to learn more so that i could be as knowledgeable as he.

Roberto Wilkins
Broadcast Support Specialist

knowledge beyond expectation

Russell always displayed a level of knowledge beyond expectation. He has the patience and desire to see any complex problem to conclusion and is not afraid to think inside a larger box.

Pete Santorella
Senior Account Manager

perfect person for in-depth critical technical conversations

Russell is a positive team player who possesses a can do attitude. He is the perfect person for in-depth critical technical conversations, with a panache for defining and describing technical jargon. His intelligence has made him a “go to” person for Verizon CDN delivery services. I truly appreciate working with him and find him to be a respectable colleague.

Erin Lucas
Solutions Architect

always the first to offer help

I have worked with Russell for just over a year at Verizon Digital Media Services. During this time I have been truly impressed with his background in IT/Networking technology. He also has a keen understanding of the digital media industry. Always the first to offer help and support, Russell is a terrific colleague.

William Tracy
Associate Director of Professional Services

a leader every step of the way

Russ has been a constant in the evolution of Verizon Digital Media Services from startup to the mature video platform and content delivery network it is today. He has been a leader every step of the way. His broadcast engineering experience has helped use set the long-term technology roadmap that gave our teams clarity and focus. His quick-thinking and innovative style have kept our sales and delivery teams continuously thinking about how we can deliver value for he customer. He is a “Swiss army knife” of problem solving, able to go from code level diagnostics to large scale technology strategy planning and executive communication. I have enjoyed working with Russ immensely and my personal challenge will be to see how I can stay connected with him throughout our professional careers. He is a friend and an advisor.

Nick Strauss
Advisor to Technology M&E Executives

always keep our meeting objectives clear

I met Russell several years ago while I was representing Splunk to Verizon. From our very first meeting, it was clear that he saw the “big picture”. He combined a business perspective with technical perspective very well, and that enabled him to ask good questions, provide good coaching, and always keep our meeting objectives clear. I have enjoyed working with Russ in the past, and hope that we have the chance to work together more directly in the future.

George Rudnitsky
Global Field Success

able to effectively “techno-bond” with customers

Russell has that hard-to-find multi-skill combination of highly technical understanding plus deep business acumen. During the time we worked together penetrating (and Winning!) large accounts deals for CenturyLink CDN services, Russell was able to effectively ” techno-bond” with customers and drive our internal teams to deliver a winning solution by translating customer needs into competitive advantages. His problem solving skill range is wide. They go from creating a quick Python script all the way to architecting a complex and large solution for a top global gaming company! Russell also was a key voice to our development teams providing strategic feedback to keep our services competitive. We are sad to see Russell leaving our team and at the same time glad to see his career developing all the way to the BIg Leagues!

Juan Pablo (JP) Perez
Solutions Architect

consistently delivers results

Russ is an industry expert. I had the pleasure of working on some key strategic opportunities within the CDN space with Russ. He insists on the highest standards on behalf of his customers. He dives deep on the technical details but also provides real live perspective to his customers. He consistently delivers results as a team member and is a sought after subject matter expert not only internally but within the industry as a whole. On top of that, he is great fun to work with.

Heather Chamberlin Mellish
Senior Sales Director

diligent and fast thinking

Russell is a diligent and fast thinking colleague. He is always on the go. There is nothing that is too hard or not doable for him. He is very resourceful person and always ready to help. It was my pleasure working with Russell for almost 2 years.

Bruno Lazo
Broadcast Technology Specialist

he pushed me and my team to think bigger

Russ and I worked together advancing the Lumen CDN business. As a Product leader, you count on people like Russ to be a voice of the customer. Russ served in this role better than anyone I know. He understands the customer, their business requirements and what a product needs to deliver. As a technologist, he pushed me and my team to think bigger, to be more innovative and to think critically about the market. He is a huge asset to companies always striving to be better!

Sarah Wu
Senior Director of Product Management

leader in digital media

Russ is a leader in digital media integration and technology advancement. When there are questions about capabilities, vendor options or integration cross-points Russ has a can-do approach to problem solving and goal attainment. Russ is also very capable at explaining technology to customers and has a very easy going approach which puts customers at ease.

In short, Russ is a leader in the emerging technology field, and a key asset on a team-or leading a team.

Ethan Dreilinger
Account Director

driven to seek the best

Russell is truly a renaissance man-driven to seek the best solution to any problem while sharing his knowledge with everyone around him. No question is ever silly or stupid and no task is overlooked. It was a pleasure to work with him at Verizon for three years. His wisdom, patience and team spirit made VDMS a better place to be.

Ellin Menlow
Marketing Manager

clear understanding and explanation

Russell provided information and advice when we needed to convert fielded metadata about TV shows and series to XML for our prototype. Thanks to his clear understanding and explanation of the issues, we were able to do an initial conversion manually for our demo, and agree on a plan for a steady state solution.

Bruce Esrig
Service Designer

fantastic people skills

Russell has a unique combination of skills and experiences that sets him apart. He knows technology and how to utilize it to achieve the goal. He is business savvy and considers the costs and long term goals of the business in his solutions. Russell has fantastic people skills managing his team, working with people across departments, communicating with executives and relating with the customers. With little direction Russell can step into complex ambiguous situations and can quickly bring order. He is the “go to guy” for the most challenging problems.

David Sumka
Product Development

amazed to see how beautifully he managed a team of developers

I feel really fortunate to have worked with Russell on the project. Being a developer I usually came across different challenges and on each hurdle, Russell helped me to arrive at a concrete solution with an in-depth technical discussion. I was amazed to see how beautifully he managed a team of developers, providing absolute freedom to every one of us to experiment and excel and at the same time maintaining a cohesive balance. Working with Russell was a charm as he is extremely supportive and always willing to share his knowledge. Atop all, he always values humanity over anything else. I will always treasure the experience of working together.

Arup Bhattacharya
Full Stack Developer

great solutions person 

In my short time working with Russ, he is a great person to collaborate with on both organizational and technical solutions. He possesses a breadth and depth of knowledge in broadcast, IT and the digital media industries. Russ is great solutions person and leader.

Patrick Madigan
Solutions Architect

sensitive to others and a very good listener

Russell is a fantastic person to work with, he is not only well versed in technologies but also possesses excellent project management skills. He is sensitive to others and a very good listener, he is great in utilize one’s strength to put a winning team together. While we were working together, I always considered he was the go to person, he was very thorough in answering questions and loved to share his expertise in areas of infrastructure, system design and audio/video

Jian Xiao
Senior Network Engineer

eye for detail ensured success

Russell is a highly motivated and talented Project Engineer. His organizational skills and eye for detail ensured success on a business critical project where I had considerable interaction with Russell over the last two years.

David Lazzarotti
Senior Account Manager